I’m an author, Sunday Times columnist and advertising copywriter.

My two novels are available on Amazon.

I’m also co-author of a series of choose-your-own-adventure erotic novels; The Girl Walks in series

My latest book, Pens Behaving Badly is now out. A selection of my Sunday Times columns and the mad, bad and crazy letters they inspired.



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She says/He says

This column first appeared in The Times on 3rd October 2016 SHE SAYS: Paige Nick I’m currently living with ...


Bring back the quickie

This column first appeared in The Sunday Times on 25th September 2016. OCTOBER CONCH – By Paige Nick LONG SEX ...

2016-09-05 08.41.08

Force Thuli to presidency

This column first appeared in The Times on 5th September: SHE SAYS/HE SAYS - IDEAL PRESIDENT SHE SAYS – by ...

2016-09-04 13.09.34-1

Cunning breakup tricks – Conch

This column first appeared in Sunday Times - 4th September 2016 SEPTEMER CONCH – By Paige Nick THE BREAKUP ...


Reviews by strangers

Introducing a new series here on the blog, 'Reviews by Strangers'. It's one thing to have your mom or your BFFFFF or ...

1 book 3 covers.001

1 book, 3 covers, 3 titles

A funny thing happened to me on the way to getting published. How does one book get published with three ...