I’m an author, Sunday Times columnist and advertising copywriter.

My two novels are available on Amazon.

I’m also co-author of a series of choose-your-own-adventure erotic novels; The Girl Walks in series

My latest book, Pens Behaving Badly is now out. A selection of my Sunday Times columns and the mad, bad and crazy letters they inspired.



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Bring back the quickie

This column first appeared in The Sunday Times on 25th September 2016. OCTOBER CONCH – By Paige Nick LONG SEX ...

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Force Thuli to presidency

This column first appeared in The Times on 5th September: SHE SAYS/HE SAYS - IDEAL PRESIDENT SHE SAYS – by ...

2016-09-04 13.09.34-1

Cunning breakup tricks – Conch

This column first appeared in Sunday Times - 4th September 2016 SEPTEMER CONCH – By Paige Nick THE BREAKUP ...


Reviews by strangers

Introducing a new series here on the blog, 'Reviews by Strangers'. It's one thing to have your mom or your BFFFFF or ...

1 book 3 covers.001

1 book, 3 covers, 3 titles

A funny thing happened to me on the way to getting published. How does one book get published with three ...


Pokemon better than sex

This column first appeared in the Sunday Times LifeStyle section on 7th August CONCH – AUGUST 2016 POKEMON GO ...